Belt Style Split Ear Headstall- Destry


Enhance your riding experience with our exquisite belt-style split ear headstall, a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This headstall is designed for both form and function, featuring quick-change knot attachments and stunning floral tooling meticulously hand-carved into rich harness leather. It’s the perfect balance between making a statement and maintaining an understated elegance. With its Turquoise Accents and subtle tooling this headstall is a perfectly understated and functional.

  • Material: Crafted from premium cowhide leather and equipped with durable stainless steel hardware, this headstall is built to withstand the rigors of riding.
  • Size: Designed to fit an average/full-size horse or Quarter Horse comfortably, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your equine companion.

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Ranch Hand Beaded Headstalls & Nosebands

Ranch Hand is happy to offer high-quality crafted leather headstalls/bridles, tie downs/nosebands, dog collars and other tack. Choose from a variety of beautiful patterns and colors. Stitching is reinforced to ensure durability and the hardware is stainless steel making it strong and rust-resistant. All of our headstalls and nosebands are made out of high-quality leather that is pre-oiled for a supple and soft feel.

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How to care for your Ranch Hand Leather Headstall

Ranch Hand’s dog collars and headstalls are low-maintenance and easy to use. They are built to be used and made to last.

To keep it short and sweet: Leather is skin.  Just like your skin suffers from abrasions and dryness from exposure to irritants like dust, cold, sweat, water and other elements- So does leather. The trick to ensuring your leather horse gear and dog collars longevity is to care for it, as you would your own skin. Now in this case I don’t think a facial and bottle of anti-aging cream is the best solution to your leather care but that being said, I have never tried giving my headstall a facial and lathering it in some Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid rich night cream. So maybe that is the solution? If you try it, please let us know the results!

The best method of leather care is to wipe off the sweat or mud immediately after use. You can use a lightly moistened cloth or sponge. Then condition your leather with a saddle soap or leather conditioner. There are tons of great cleaning and conditioning products for leather. There are some great options that are non-toxic, cost effective and work great on a variety of leather products.

A couple of our favorite products:

Kiwi Saddle Soap (

Fiebing Saddle Soap ( ).

To clean your products simply apply saddle soap to a soft brush or sponge and rub into leather to remove dirt and stains. Then use a clean soft cloth to remove and excess saddle soap and voila! Clean, conditioned and ready to go on another adventure!

If you do need to treat a stubborn stain try to avoid standard soaps or soaps containing alcohol.

Any questions? Comments? We are always happy to help! Contact Us

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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