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Ranch Hand is a western Store dedicated to selling hand crafted horse tack, dog collars and leather bags.

DOG COLLARS- Ranch Hand Store is committed to offering top-notch dog collars for our cherished furry companions. Dogs dedicate themselves to important dog tasks, from fetching sticks to herding cattle, or simply being loyal companions. This dedication deserves a collar that is comfortable, durable, and safe for extended use. Our dog collars at Ranch Hand are crafted from 100% Genuine Leather, ideal for sensitive skin. To enhance comfort, our leather collars are pre-oiled to guarantee softness and flexibility.

HORSE TACK- Ranch Hand is pleased to provide a range of meticulously crafted leather horse equipment, including headstalls, bridles, tie downs, nosebands, split reins, roping reins, breast collars, mane bags, and other western tack. Explore our selection of leg protection items, such as custom-made splint boots and bell boots for your horse’s safety. Select from a diverse range of stylish designs. Our horse tack and headstalls are all crafted from high-quality pre-oiled leather for a soft and supple feel. We create products that are designed to be used and enjoyed.

HEADSTALLS- Ranch Hand’s collection of headstalls feature sliding one ear headstalls, browbands and nosebands feature a natural tan leather and finished with stainless steel buckles that are strong and rust resistant. Made with thick full-grain leather that is tough in all weather-conditions. Great beaded designs, tooled leather and simple split ears.

LEG PROTECTION- Introducing Ranch Hand’s Work Harder equine leg protection featuring top-of-the-line fetlock technology. These boots are intricately designed to conform flawlessly to your horse’s leg, ensuring exceptional flexibility and comfort. With strategically positioned diamonds, they enhance overall comfort and reduce impact, delivering superior suspensory protection.

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