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How to Choose the Right Dog Collar for Your Dog

Someone once asked me if I let my dog sleep in my bed? I said, Heck! I would let them borrow my car if they wanted to! Dogs are not just a pet, they are a family member. We provide them with all their basic needs and in turn we get undying love and affection. Id say us humans got the better of this deal!

The most helpful dog accessory you’ll ever need is a dog collar.  The dog collars are the most essential tool for a working dog or to take your dog hiking or for a walk. 

Therefore, dog collars are a highly essential dog accessory for your dog. The complication thing is choosing the right dog collar for them. How will you know which is the best dog collar? Will you make your choice based on the colors or material? What are the deciding factors that can help you make an informed decision for dog collars?

Pet parents usually get confused when it comes to choosing the best collar for their dogs. Not anymore. We will help you get the best dog collars for your little pup. A dog collar should be able to enhance the safety of your pet. Besides, it should give a good experience and appearance to your pup. You must ensure that the dog collar you get for your puppy has the best fitting and increase the comfort level of the dog. 

Here are a few points to consider while choosing the best dog collar for your puppy. 

#1 You Must Measure The Dog’s Neck Before Choosing The Dog Collar: 

Measure dog neck

Comfort is by far the most important consideration! And a perfect fit is the best way to assure comfort for your doggo.

So before making a purchase, measure your dog. While measuring, leave enough space for the dog to make a comfortable neck movement. 

#2 The Quality Of Dog Collar: 

The dog collar you choose for your puppy should be of high quality. 

A low-quality dog collar may hurt or cause irritation to your dogs skin. Leather is one of the best materials for a dog with sensitive skin. Why you might ask? Because leather is, well, skin. It’s natural.

#3 Choose The Right Material For The Dog Collar: 

Dog Collar Material

In the market, you can get dog collars in different materials. It can be cotton fabrics, leather, biothane, nylon, etc. 

Based on the dog’s coat and comfort, you have to make an informed choice. Leather is one of the best materials for dogs with sensitive skin. It’s natural. The dog should not feel uncomfortable or irritant due to the material of the dog collar. Your little puppy wears the dog collars throughout the day or for long hours. Therefore, comfort should be the top priority. 


Searching for a high-quality dog collar? Ranch Hand is the best online store to find leather dog collars. They are precisely crafted and durable. The lining and internal area have a soft pad to increase the comfort level of your dog. You can browse the website and select the best dog collar. All the products are affordable and of high quality. 

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