Leather Clutch – Darker Cowhide + Tooling


Made with our two favorite materials leather + Cowhide. This is the perfect duffel bag for all of the cowhide addicts out there. Gorgeous cowhide pattern and leather- what’s not to love? These bags are made from real cowhide and just like every cow is a bit different, every bag is a bit different as well.

-Size: Length: 21 inches. Width: 12 inches. Height: 10.5 inches
-Exterior and interior zipper pockets, storage compartments inside.
-Two carry straps and adjustable shoulder strap with padding that can be removed
– High-Quality Brass Hardware
– Inside of duffel bag is fully-lined with a dark brown fabric.
– This bag has a rigid base to keep its shape, feet on the bottom and folds flat for storage.

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Made with our two favorite materials: Leather + Cowhide. This is the perfect clutch for anyone who likes a little bit of western influence .

  • Size: 8 inch long  x 4.5 inch tall x 1.25 inch wide
How to care for your leather

To ensure long-term durability it is never a bad idea to condition your leather bag periodically. When leather is exposed to the elements it can become worn down and dry over time, to prevent this Ranch Hand recommends conditioning your leather products from time to time. This is true for headstalls and dog collars and leather bags. There are tons of great cleaning and conditioning products for leather. There are some great options that are non-toxic, cost effective and work great on a variety of leather products.

A couple of our favorite products:

To clean your products simply apply saddle soap to a soft brush or sponge and rub into leather to remove dirt and stains. Then use a clean soft cloth to remove and excess saddle soap and voila! Clean, conditioned and ready to go on another adventure!

If you do need to treat a stubborn stain try to avoid standard soaps or soaps containing alcohol. Any questions? Comments? We are always happy to help! Contact Us

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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