Leather Dog Collar- ASSHOLE


Alright, we all have a dog in our lives that could use one of these Asshole dog collars. Soft-oiled leather for the bad dog in your life. Little did you know, we have custom tailored the perfect collar for the Asshole dog in your life!


  • Versatile Design: The collar’s elegant design allows it to be suitable for both formal occasions and casual outings, making your dog look stylish in any setting. Each bead on the collar is intricately stitched onto the genuine cowhide leather, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the artistry and craftsmanship of the designers
  • Padded for Comfort: The collar is padded with soft material to provide a comfortable fit for your dog. This helps prevent chafing and irritation, ensuring your pet’s comfort during all-day wear. The collar is crafted using fine-quality materials such as glass beads, 100% genuine leather and stainless steel hardware. The choice to use high quality materials can greatly influence the overall look, feel and durability of your dog’s new Ranch Hand dog collar!
  • Water and Weather Resistant: The collar is made from high-quality leather that is resistant to water and weather elements. This means it can withstand various outdoor conditions, making it suitable for all-season wear. Also, The collar features a secure buckle closure mechanism that ensures the collar stays in place once it is fastened. This provides added safety and peace of mind during walks or outdoor activities
  • Adjustable size: The collar is available in different sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large) to accommodate various dog breeds and sizes.


  • Size details
    • SMALL
      Overall length- 21″
      Adjustable Holes- 15-19″
      Width- 1.5″


    • MEDIUM
      Overall length- 25″
      Adjustable Holes- 18-23″
      Width- 1.75″


    • LARGE Overall length- 29″
      Adjustable Holes- 21-26″
      Width- 1.75″
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A yellow Labrador Retriever with its mouth slightly open, wearing a black Leather Dog Collar- ASSHOLE against a green, blurred forest background dotted with sunflowers.
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  Introducing the ASSHOLE Leather Dog Collar, a stylish and handcrafted accessory that blends elegance with functionality with your bad dog in mind. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this collar is sure to make your furry friend stand out from the pack. Crafted from fine-quality, genuine leather, this collar exudes sophistication while offering durability that ensures it can withstand your dog’s adventures for years to come. The leather is carefully selected to be soft and comfortable against your pet’s skin, providing a pleasant wearing experience.

The hand tooling pattern adorning the collar adds a touch of artistry and uniqueness. Every bead is thoughtfully placed to create a stunning visual appeal, making this collar a true statement piece for your beloved companion. Not only is the Outlaw River Beaded Collar a fashion-forward choice, but it is also designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The interior is padded, ensuring that even during long walks or play sessions, your canine companion will remain comfortable and happy.

The adjustable sizing feature allows you to find the perfect fit for your dog, ensuring they can move freely and comfortably without any discomfort. Available in X Small, Small, Medium, and Large sizes, this collar is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. One of the standout features of this collar is its water and weather resistance. Whether your pup enjoys splashing around in puddles or exploring in all kinds of weather, this collar can handle it all without losing its charm or integrity. Designed for all-season wear, the ASSHOLE Leather Dog Collar is a versatile accessory that complements your dog’s natural beauty throughout the year

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in
Size: No selection

X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large

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  • Joe M

    Hilarious!!! Great quality. Love this

    January 27, 2023

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