Navajo Rug- Beaded – One Ear Short Cheek Headstall


Great short cheek headstall for your horses with little heads or your long shank bits! Featuring yellow, reds and blue aztec colored beadwork on the ear piece and cheeks, this unique headstall is meant to stand out without being too flashy. Check out the matching noseband and make it a set! This collection features a medium to light leather dye.

  • Material: Leather, stainless steel hardware
  • Size: Average / Full size horse / Quarter Horse

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Navajo Rug One Ear Headstall Short Cheek 2
Navajo Rug- Beaded - One Ear Short Cheek Headstall $70.00
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Ranch Hand Beaded Headstalls & Nosebands

Ranch Hand is happy to offer high-quality crafted leather and beaded headstalls/bridles, tie downs/nosebands, dog collars and other tack. Choose from a variety of beautiful patterns and colors. stitching is reinforced to ensure durability and the hardware is stainless steel making it strong and rust-resistant. All of our headstalls and nosebands are made out of high-quality leather that is pre-oiled for a supple and soft feel.

Our headstalls and nosebands are made only with high-quality glass beads. The beadwork is flexible- crafted to move with your horse. This flexibility eliminates stress on the beads which can lead to breaking or damage over time. Our headstalls are made to last.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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