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Why Choose A Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collar?

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Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collars

Ranch Hand’s “Ranch Dog” Collection is dedicated to providing our canine companions with the quality products they deserve. Your dog works hard for you putting in long days chasing sticks, catching naps, gathering cattle, keeping the backseat warm or taking long walks to the dog park. Ranch Dog’s collars are pliable and comfortable as well as easy to use. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, safe, and they look good on you good boy or girl!

Our beloved dogs make us happy with their love and affection. We feel cheerful whenever they are around. We cherish every moment spent with them on vacations or a routine walk in the park. Every pet parent must ensure the dog’s safety while taking them out on a walk or vacation. You can have complete control over your dog’s movements and actions by using a dog collar.

Dog collars are one of the most essential pet accessories that help in training the dog and maintaining its safety. Usually, getting a dog collar should be your top priority before bringing the dog home. Being a pet parent, you would always want to get the best of everything for you dog – right? But how will you choose the best dog collar for your dog?

The market is flooded with a wide range of dog collars. There are multiple dog collars in different styles, patterns, and colors. How will you know which would be the best one for your dog? Experts recommend buying leather dog collars for your dog.

You may wonder why a leather dog collar is best for your dog. Let us get to know the reason behind recommending leather dog collars.

Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collars are made to last

Leather is the toughest material you can make a dog collar out of so that is what we use. A single, thick layer of full grain leather for maximum durability.

Manufacturers use genuine leather for designing leather dog collars. In comparison to other materials like nylon, fabric, and plastic, leather offers better strength. Many people suggest using heavy-duty chains as dog collars. But they may cause hurt to the dog’s neck and throat.

Leather is soft to the touch but, possesses high strength. Moreover, other materials tend to lose strength and efficiency within a short span of time. With a leather dog collar, you can be guaranteed that they will last for a very long time. Having a leather dog collar will offer strength and durability unlike other materials that can break or tear if you are exerting pressure to control/ train the dog. There is no requirement to replace your doggo’s collars frequently- and that means more money in the bank for you and fur babies next adventure!

Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collars are comfortable

Leather is not only tough, it is very comfortable! It doesn’t collect hair or cause irritation to your dog’s skin! If you have a dog with sensitive skin you have to try a leather collar! There’s a reason they are the best- and your perfect pup deserves the best of everything.

Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collars are low maintenance!

Our weather-resistant collars are super easy to wash. Just hose off and hang up to dry or wipe with a wet paper towel to wash. It is also a great idea to use leather conditioner on your Ranch Hand dog collar from time to time to keep that leather soft and supple for you doggo!

Our Dog Collars only use stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel is weather-resistant, rust-proof and strong, strong, strong. Your hardware will last as long as the full-grain leather.

Ranch Hand Dog Collar Designs as Unique as your Dog!

Your four-legged furry-buddy has a big personality and is unique in his or her own ways. No matter if they’re rough and tough, a flower child or all business- we have a great selection of unique colors, patterns and designs to match their personality.

Ranch Hand Leather Dog Collars Ensure The Safety Of Your Dog:

One of the best aspects of using a leather dog collar is its durability. It will not break or cause harm to your dog. Let’s be honest- when you take your little buddy to the park or on a walk, or you guys are out chasing cattle- he or she wants to run, run, run. You need to apply pressure to keep them under control. This is true when you are out on a vacation, trekking, or on a routine walk. At such times, you need heavy-duty leather dog collars that you can trust will not break and can keep your dog safe. I hate to keep repeating myself, but dude! You and your dog need a leather collar!

Besides this, the leather dog collars are available with a D-ring. You can attach a nameplate or tag to enhance the safety of your pet- win, win!

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